Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Searching for The Most Attractive Travertine in Texas

Natural stone can provide the most attractive flooring in Texas. When searching for the best natural stone tile, travertine should be one of the choices to consider for durable and elegant flooring. Travertine tiles are among the strongest and most versatile for a wide range of indoor applications. With this flooring, you can expect your investment to last for generations as it adds value to your property. Here are some tips for searching for the most attractive travertine tiles in Texas:

  • Look for an experienced supplier of natural stone tiles - Find a reputable supplier that delivers premium grade travertine tiles to anywhere in the US, including Texas. Consider a supplier that works directly with top sellers and quarries in the world, directly importing from Asia, Europe, and Turkey to bring the most cost-effective tiles and pavers to you.

  • Explore the supplier's website – The best suppliers have a virtual showroom where you can explore their entire product range. It serves as a resource center to help and guide you through the buying process, too. With their help, it should be easier to consider factors such as installation, finish, shipping, and product quality when choosing travertine tiles.

  • Learn about additional services – Some suppliers offer 24x7 assistance as well as free samples of the types of travertine tiles you want. Be sure to request a free sample to know exactly how the tile looks like in your home. They carry travertine pavers for outdoor applications, too.

  • Explore the selection of travertine tiles and pavers – These products come in many different styles, colors, and finishes. Travertine with a polished finish provides the look of lavishness and opulence that can rival marbles. Honed and filled travertine may not have a glossy surface, but it is elegant and versatile for more indoor applications. Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles offer a rustic and dramatic look to your floor while tumbled travertine offers a sophisticated elegant look with a non-slip surface.

Explore the Latest Travertine Patterns to Add Beauty to Your Home

When choosing travertine tiles or pavers, you are likely to come across several choices in terms of patterns, styles, and colors from a single supplier. French pattern travertine is one of the trendiest and most popular choices that can add beauty to your home, especially if you want tiles or pavers that can enhance the overall look, feel, and value of your property. The natural and unique beauty of French pattern travertine will transform any dull and lackluster interior into something elegant and sophisticated, making it ideal for living areas, the kitchen, bedroom, and outdoor living spaces.

The beauty of travertine tiles and pavers lie on their varied colors, designs, and patterns. No tile or paver will be exactly like the other, so you are free to create any look that you want. Apart from patterns, you can choose travertine for interior or exterior applications based on the finish of the tiles or pavers, or the application you intend you to use them for.

With French pattern travertine tiles, you are free to create your own bold and unique look. It is easy to achieve a traditional and timeless look or a rustic, old world floor. The tiles go well with modern and sleek interior designs, too. The patterns accentuate the effect of space and light while adding character to a room. The non-slipper surface makes the tiles suitable for use in areas where moisture or wetness is likely to be present, like the kitchen, bathroom, or an indoor swimming pool.

Reputable suppliers carry a good selection of French pattern travertine pavers. The pavers can make any outdoor area look more luxurious and classier. The design is also referred to as 'Ashlar pattern', 'Versailles pattern', or 'Roman pattern', and the pavers can easily be mixed and matched to come up with a customized layout and design. That way, you get a one of a kind design for your driveway, patio, walkways, and deck.