Thursday, 4 August 2016

Travertine Paver Ideas for Your Home

Travertine pavers are excellent materials you can consider if you want to upgrade your outdoor areas. Their versatility makes them perfect for any application, such as driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, and balconies. They come with an elegance and sophistication unmatched by any other paving material, and once installed, they can add more value to your property. Travertine pavers are durable and can easily outlive other paving materials like brick and concrete, so you can count on your installations to last for generations. Here are some ideas on using travertine paver in your home:
  • Swimming pool – Use travertine pavers to build an incredibly stunning and functional pool deck that is perfect for relaxing. Suppliers of premium grade travertine pavers in the US carry pool copings that are made from the same material, too. You can create a seamless and consistent look for your pool area. The non-slip surface of travertine will make your pool safer and less prone to accidents, too.
  • Patio – Wood patios will need to be replaced, usually after two decades. Travertine pavers are durable and can easily stand up to high foot traffic and extreme temperatures or weather conditions. Hence, you can count on your travertine patio to remain elegant and pleasant for many years to come.
  • Walkways – Travertine pavers are a great material for building safe and elegant walkways. Tumbled edge and chiseled edge pavers prevent slipping and falling when the ground is wet, thus, minimizing the chances of accidents on your property.
  • Balconies – You can make your balcony more suitable for entertaining guests or relaxing with travertine. Consider mixing and matching two or more types of travertine pavers to create a bespoke and bold look.
  • Driveways – Travertine pavers will make your driveway more elegant. A travertine driveway will make your house stand out from the others in your neighborhood, too.

Choosing Travertine Pavers in Texas – The Perfect Landscaping Solution

For a landscaping work to be perfect, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, functional and created with safe materials. Travertine pavers are among the few materials that bear those characteristics, making them the perfect landscaping solution to any outdoor application. Concrete pavers and bricks may be commonly used for landscaping in Texas, but travertine pavers are still better if you want elegant walkways, driveways, and outdoor lounging areas that can last for generations. If your home has travertine tiles, the pavers can perfectly complement them while providing a consistent and seamless look.

High-quality travertine pavers and tiles start with the right supplier. Hence, always choose to buy materials from a reliable and seasoned natural stone tile and paver supplier that is based locally and can deliver anywhere in Texas. Reputable suppliers import their travertine directly from reliable sellers and top-notch quarries in Asia, Turkey, and Europe, and they carry only premium grade travertine to ensure the highest-quality tiles for indoor applications and pavers for landscaping and other outdoor applications. Premium grade or first grade travertine is the highest-quality material that you can use for any landscaping project, whether it is for your garden or any other outdoor area.

The look and feel of your landscape can be affected by the type of finish you will choose for travertine pavers. Reputable suppliers offer travertine paver in two finishes: chiseled edge and tumbled edge. Chiseled edge pavers can provide a rustic and sophisticated look that with an old world glamor. Tumbled travertine pavers offer an all-around and timeless look that can easily match any exterior design or d├ęcor. Both finishes come in different colors, patterns, and sizes, and if you are not sure which paver is best for your landscaping vision, order free samples from a reputable supplier. This way, you will know exactly what you are getting, and you can be confident that you can have the perfect landscaping solution.