Friday, 4 March 2016

How Travertine Pavers Are the Perfect Choice For Driveways

Residential outdoor landscapes must be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and safe. These features are among the reasons why travertine is among the best type of paver to use for driveways. Concrete and brick pavers may be the conventional choice, but travertine pavers are the perfect choice for driveways if you want an extremely durable material that can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Its durability is unmatched by other commonly used pavers, especially when you have heavier vehicles.

Travertine is a type of sedimentary limestone that is naturally found in hot or mineral spring. The stone can reflect heat, and this can be great on hot days when the pavers can remain cooler than the rest of the surroundings. Moreover, the texture of travertine pavers offers better slip resistance. Hence, you do not have to worry about slipping or falling on a wet driveway. You can also minimize vehicle skidding.

The texture of travertine pavers is the result of how they are finished. Natural stone suppliers offer them in a chiseled edge finish and a tumbled edge finish. A brushed and chiseled finish is characterized by rough edges that are reminiscent of flooring used in Renaissance castles. Such pavers can create a rustic or old world look for your driveway. The unfilled and honed finish makes the pavers flexible for any installation. On the other hand, tumbled edge pavers have had loose imperfections and tiny chips removed, resulting in a high-quality material with slight textures to provide extra grip to your driveway. The colors and rounded edges provide a classic and sophisticated look to the area, too.

Travertine pavers are timeless and can easily outlive the trends in paving materials and outdoor landscape designs. In fact, you can count on them to last for generations as they increase the value of your property. The Roman Colosseum is one of the best examples of ancient structures that were made using travertine, particularly its arcades and piers.

Enhance Your Home's Appearance With A Travertine Patio

When choosing materials to rebuild or improve your patio, keep in mind that this area is typically exposed to outdoor elements. Hence, it makes sense to choose a durable material that can easily withstand heat, rain, and extreme cold. Travertine pavers are among the materials that you can consider for a durable and resilient patio that is perfect for relaxing, dining, and entertaining friends.

Your patio has to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, and travertine pavers can help you achieve those qualities. They are more durable than concrete and brick pavers, and their unique textures can easily transform your patio into a more beautiful and natural-looking outdoor area. Travertine is a natural stone that can reflect heat and remain cool, and these are important features for patios especially on hot days. With these pavers installed, you can minimize the need to constantly rely on the cooling devices.

Travertine can outlive other patio building materials, even when it is constantly exposed to weather changes and heavy foot traffic. Premium grade travertine pavers can last for generations, just like the Colosseum in Rome. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns to suit any style of installation. Travertine pavers can go well with other building materials, so you have the option to use them as accents or to complement patio décor.

Travertine not only looks terrific—it is also a solid material that can add a timeless and sophisticated look to your outdoor spaces.  Travertine pavers come in either a chiseled edge or a tumbled finish. Both offers excellent slip resistance, so you do not have to worry about falling or slipping when you walk. The tumbled finish has rounded edges and earthy hues to go with any décor or color scheme while chiseled edge travertine pavers offer a rustic and old world look to your patio with their rough edges and honed, unfilled finish.