Monday, 9 November 2015

Do You Know What To Consider While Choosing Travertine Pavers?

Travertine is among the most elegant, durable, and versatile materials for outdoor applications. Made of natural stone from mineral-laden hot springs, travertine ensures a naturally beautiful and sophisticated exterior. Travertine pavers will be cost effective in the long run, especially if you are looking for a material that can last for generations. Many structures that were built using travertine in ancient Rome and Greece are still standing and admired at this day and age. Travertine pavers come in different finishes to suit the style that you are going for in your garage, walkway, driveway, pool deck, or patio. They come in different types, sizes, and patterns, too. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing travertine pavers:

  • The finish – For outdoor applications, travertine should either be chiseled or tumbled. Chiseled pavers provide a rustic or 'old world' look with their rough edges, so they are ideal if you want to make pathways or a patio that resembles the floor of a Renaissance castle. Tumbled travertine pavers have a solid finish without losing imperfections and tiny chips, making them the highest-quality material with a slightly textured surface for additional grip. Hence, a tumbled finish may be more ideal for patios, pool decks, or areas that are likely to be exposed to water. 
  • Pattern and color – These are subject to the supplier's selection of products. Travertine pavers are a natural stone product, so no piece is exactly like another. Each paver will have a one of a kind pattern or color, but they can easily be mixed and matched for a customized look.

  • Size – Chiseled and brushed travertine pavers are usually supplied in 6 x 12 x 1 ¼” thickness. Tumbled edge pavers come in sizes like 6x12, 16x24, 12x24, 12x16, and 12x12. Some suppliers can provide certain colors in 24x24.

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