Thursday, 3 December 2015

Do You Know What to Consider While Choosing French Pattern Travertine?

Changing or upgrading the flooring in your home is a major project, so it’s best to consult with experts. There are various flooring types that you can consider, and travertine is one of those that is durable and aesthetically appealing. French pattern travertine is a popular design that eliminates the monotony of a typically geometric and rigid installation used in traditional square tiles. Hence, this type of travertine tile is capable of creating a bolder and more customized look. Here are the things to consider when choosing French pattern travertine:

  • Where it will be used – French pattern travertine is supplied as tiles and pavers. Tiles are great for indoor applications, and pavers are suitable for outdoor areas like your patio, driveway, and pool deck.

  • The size – French pattern travertine tiles and pavers often come as a combination of four sizes delivered in two bundles of multiple pieces. These are (4) 8” x 8”, (4) 16” x 16”, (2) 16” x 24”, and (2) 8” x 16”. Twelve pieces is one set can cover an area that is 16 square feet in size.

  • The finish – French pattern travertine tiles and pavers come in two finishes: brushed and chiseled, and tumbled. The latter is known for its matte and velvety surface that retains the small natural features of the stone. Tumbling removes any sharp edges or loose pieces while ensuring a surface that can provide enough grip for safety. Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles have a more rustic or old world look. They are honed after being fabricated, but the slight indentations are unfilled to retain the natural characteristics of the material while ensuring a uniform finish.

  • The supplier – Look for a local premium supplier of travertine tiles that directly imports from quarries in Asia, Europe, and Turkey. This way, French pattern travertine can be more cost effective to purchase.

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