Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Enhance Your Home's Appearance with a Travertine Patio

Travertine pavers for patios and pool decks come from the richest and finest quarries around the world. This is exactly what gives them the unique color, natural pattern, and movement that the stone is known for. Travertine is essentially transformed limestone created from the precipitation of calcium carbonate, which is deposited by mineral springs. There are many benefits to installing travertine pavers for patios, walkways, and outdoor decks, including:

  • Innate strength and durability. Before travertine is harvested, it would have gone through years of intense heat and pressure and exposure to all kinds of elements. This gives the stone more than twice the strength of concrete.
  • Resistance to efflorescence. Travertine is not prone to developing unsightly whitish crystalline deposits that often occur in cement products due to exposure to natural environments. The material also resists fading, which is common in man-made pavers. Natural stones like travertine retain their hue well even with years of outdoor exposure.
  • Heat resistance. Travertine pavers have the ability to stay cool even in direct sunlight, unlike other stone paving materials, which tend to absorb heat very easily. Travertine doesn't have a reflective surface, which prevents the tile from contributing to the ambient temperature above the deck.
  • All-natural. Because travertine is a natural tone, patios made with travertine pavers can very effectively blend into the surrounding landscape or stand out as desired. Manufacturers and distributors offer a wide range of color and pattern options for those who want a subtle or a more pronounced look for their patio setup. In any case, travertine can be easily coordinated with any existing landscaping, patio furniture, and even with hardscaping in the immediate vicinity, making it a versatile choice for any patio application.
  • Innate beauty. Travertine is naturally beautiful and it can complement any outdoor installation. Apart from patio paving, it can also be used for pool decks and other outdoor living spaces.

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