Sunday, 5 March 2017

Beautify Your Patio with Travertine Floors

Flooring for outdoor applications must be durable and capable of withstanding high foot traffic and the changes in seasons and weather. When it comes to paving materials, it’s hard to beat travertine pavers. If you use travertine floors in your home, then installing travertine pavers on your patio can also help achieve a consistent and elegant continuity from your indoor to your outdoor patio space. Travertine pavers can easily beautify your patio and transform it into an elegant living space where you can lounge, relax, and entertain guests. They are perfect for outdoor applications because of their non-slip surface and their natural look. Hence, your patio can easily blend harmoniously with your outdoor surroundings, while being less prone to accidents caused by slipping and falling.

Travertine floors are extremely durable and they can stand the tests of time and trends in flooring and paving material. Take the ancient Roman structures for instance. Many of them, including the Roman Colosseum, are still around and being admired to this day. Travertine can handle weights up to 8,000 lbs. per square inch, so it is virtually unbreakable. This means that a travertine patio can easily handle high foot traffic and the pavers will not break or crack with pressure from furniture or human action.

Just like tiles for travertine floors, travertine pavers come in different colors to suit your preferred aesthetic. Consider lighter colors to keep your patio cool, even in the dead of summer. Travertine pavers can hold their color for a long time, even when frequently exposed to extreme temperatures and weather changes. They come in different finishes, too. A brushed and chiseled edge finish can make your patio look rustic, as if it is a part of a Renaissance castle. While, a tumbled edge finish, provides a timeless and sophisticated look to your patio having rounded edges.

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