Sunday, 5 March 2017

Give A Unique Touch to Your Floor with French Pattern Marble Flooring

Marble tiles can easily upgrade your home and elevate luxurious appeal. Being a natural rock, marbles color and veining patterns are different, so each tiles looks different from the other.         French pattern marble is one of the most versatile and elegant flooring option that comes as a set of four or more tiles in different sizes to create a rectangular or square pattern. The best thing about French pattern marble flooring is that it lets you make complex designs that can provide a unique touch to any room. The versatility of these tiles makes them ideal for any area or room in the house, including bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, and kitchens. They are perfect for office and hotel lobbies and hallways, too.

French pattern marble flooring offers a timeless appeal to wherever it is applied. The amazing variations in color and patterns let you create a bold and one-of-a-kind look for each room, too. French pattern is also known as the ‘Versailles pattern’ or ‘Roman pattern’, and it is one of the most preferred designs in marble flooring due to its versatility, elegance, and classic look. High-quality French pattern marble flooring is imported by established natural stone tile and paver suppliers directly from Turkey. You can order free samples of the tiles that you want, in case you cannot decide which color is suitable for the application you have in mind. That way, you know exactly what you are paying for, and you can be sure that you are investing in high-quality French pattern marble flooring that can last for generations.

The benefits of marble flooring are seen in French pattern marble tiles, too. The flooring is recommended for people who like to keep their home clean and tidy, since marble is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to the accumulation of bacteria and other allergens like pollen and pet dander. French pattern marble flooring is easy to clean, too, and because it resists stains, spills from liquids like grape juice and wine are not likely to leave a permanent mark on the surface as long as you clean them up as quickly as you can.

Beautify Your Patio with Travertine Floors

Flooring for outdoor applications must be durable and capable of withstanding high foot traffic and the changes in seasons and weather. When it comes to paving materials, it’s hard to beat travertine pavers. If you use travertine floors in your home, then installing travertine pavers on your patio can also help achieve a consistent and elegant continuity from your indoor to your outdoor patio space. Travertine pavers can easily beautify your patio and transform it into an elegant living space where you can lounge, relax, and entertain guests. They are perfect for outdoor applications because of their non-slip surface and their natural look. Hence, your patio can easily blend harmoniously with your outdoor surroundings, while being less prone to accidents caused by slipping and falling.

Travertine floors are extremely durable and they can stand the tests of time and trends in flooring and paving material. Take the ancient Roman structures for instance. Many of them, including the Roman Colosseum, are still around and being admired to this day. Travertine can handle weights up to 8,000 lbs. per square inch, so it is virtually unbreakable. This means that a travertine patio can easily handle high foot traffic and the pavers will not break or crack with pressure from furniture or human action.

Just like tiles for travertine floors, travertine pavers come in different colors to suit your preferred aesthetic. Consider lighter colors to keep your patio cool, even in the dead of summer. Travertine pavers can hold their color for a long time, even when frequently exposed to extreme temperatures and weather changes. They come in different finishes, too. A brushed and chiseled edge finish can make your patio look rustic, as if it is a part of a Renaissance castle. While, a tumbled edge finish, provides a timeless and sophisticated look to your patio having rounded edges.

Find Superlative Travertine Pavers in Texas: Travertine Warehouse

Do you want your home to make a good impression? Invest in high-quality materials for the paint, gardening, landscaping, and the pavers. You should pay attention to the pavers you use because it can affect the overall look and feel of your home’s exterior. Travertine pavers are a great choice if you want a versatile and long-lasting paving material that can make your property look elegant and more upscale. Travertine Warehouse is a supplier of premium grade travertine pavers in Texas and they offer a great selection of natural stone pavers in different sizes and finishes to suit your design goals.

One of the types of travertine pavers offered in Texas has a tumbled edge finish. Travertine Warehouse carries tumbled edge travertine pavers in sizes like 6x12, 16x24, 12x24, 12x12, and 16x16, and 24x24 in certain colors. What makes the tumbled edge special is the way it provides a solid material for your walkways, driveways, and outdoor living areas. Loose imperfections and tiny chips have been removed from the stone, resulting in high-quality travertine pavers with a slight texture that helps prevent slipping and falling. These pavers can add a sophisticated and timeless look to your property with their faded colors and rounded edges. Travertine Warehouse recommends using a stone enhancer if you want to enhance the colors.

For a rustic or old world look, consider travertine pavers in a chiseled and brushed edge finish. The rough edges of these pavers enable you to recreate the look of Renaissance castle courtyards and stone floors. Travertine Warehouse offers chiseled edge travertine pavers in Texas in a size that is 6 x 12 x 1¼ inches thick. The unfilled, honed finish makes chiseled edge travertine versatile for any application, such as borders around a particular area to contrast or compliment tumbled edge travertine pavers.

If you are not sure which travertine pavers to buy, get in touch with Travertine Warehouse to request for free samples. They have natural stone specialists who are on stand-by and ready to give advice on travertine pavers, too.